Ever wonder if it’s all for nothing?

Not feeling super confident right now. One of those writer lows where you just want to walk away and pretend none of this ever happened.

Hoping for a boost from words of your ultimate wisdom in the least cliche method possible.


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How To Get A Book Agent

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

There is one question on the lips of most aspiring writers. And in almost every case it’s the wrong question.

They all want to know: How do I get an agent?

I’ll tell you why this is the wrong question. It’s not because self-publishing is the future or because you don’t need an agent in 2014 or blah blah. There’s plenty of room for those discussions elsewhere. It’s just the wrong question because asking it means you think the process matters.

It’s like saying: How do I enter the password? That’s helpful sure, but um, you have to have the actual password first. Chances are, you don’t. None of us do at first.

To make that clear: the password here is to have a really great book. A book with a lot of potential to sell or win awards or accomplish things that people in publishing find important…

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Should you use swearing in your story?


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“You can’t give a unicorn a curly pig tail and say it’s original because of the twist”

A quote from one of my short stories, Johnny Prezley: An Author’s Nightmare.

Writers, do everything in your creative power to come original. Even a story about Amish vampires in space was published legitimately.

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“Whose Career Would You Most Want to Emulate?”

With so many writers out there who forged their paths in their own way, whose would you want to emulate the most? Consider their work(s), history, and personal lives: the path as a whole. You couldn’t have written (cliche alert) Harry Potter without some tragedy, pain, and hardships. This topic is indeed influenced by a thread on absolutewrite.com but had to continue it on.

Let’s start the discussion here, because I’m really curious.

I’ll choose Clive Cussler. Continue reading


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Mockingjay Part 1 trailer is here!


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Sometimes the safe route must fail before you’re motivated to go for the real dream.


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July 24, 2014 · 8:02 pm