Baroony and the Drain Surfers is the first of many! It is available this September on paperback via Createspace, audiobook on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, and Kindle via Amazon!

After hearing the toilet flush 3 times in a row, 8-year-old Braxton Williams, knows it can only mean one thing. It’s furry, it’s wild, and it hasn’t gone a single day without causing some sort of trouble: his pet house bear, Baroony. When Braxton finds toilet water flooding out from under the bathroom door, he’s quick to break down the door to find the problem. There he finds Baroony with his right paw stuck deep inside the toilet bowl with an inch of water around him. Turns out he was chasing drain surfers, but why? It’s gross!

If Braxton doesn’t find a way to save Baroony without waking his parents, they might be grounded for actual-forever this time…

Baroony and the Drain Surfers Cover




Watch D.M.W. Lewis take a pie to the face in front of 400+ screaming kids before he unleashes the Toilet Paper 2000! 

It was the GRAND FINALE to the premiere of his 3rd book, MARBLES AND PIE.


Laughroom Literacy Studios: fighting the 66% U.S. 4th grade illiteracy rate!

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Meet Children’s Author, D.M.W. Lewis!

D.M.W. Lewis with one of his former 3rd grade reading stars.  "Mr. Lewis changed everything!"

D.M.W. Lewis with one of his former 3rd grade reading stars during his AmeriCorps service as a K-3rd Literacy Tutor.




Don’t let that tie fool you! D.M.W. Lewis is quite zany at times, too. Please have a look around. Thank you very much!
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